This is Sunshine, our beautiful girl who waits for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Brian and Marie Bridgeforth are a husband and wife artist team who have been married and creating together for 30 years.

They met when Marie was airbrushing in her T-shirt business in Military Circle Mall in Norfolk, VA. She hired Brian as an artist, and it was love at first sight! They got married a few short months thereafter and have been creating together ever since.

Brian and Marie studied for countless hours together, pouring over art books of the Old Masters, studying their techniques and brush strokes. Most works of art in those early days together were painted on wood on a very large scale of 8 foot or greater.

Thirty years of painting, exploring art, and creating together have given Brian and Marie experience in most all media, including acrylic, oils and watercolor paints, pen and ink, colored marker, and pencil.

In the mid 90s, the computer beckoned both Brian and Marie. Brian became proficient in 3D Design, Digital Matte Painting, Character Design, Story Boards, Comics, and Product Design. Marie fell in love with Photoshop , and excelled in Web Page Design, animated Gifs, writing, and digitally painting the art that Brian creates.

Now, both put their talents to good use designing and painting everything from floor cloths, custom paintings, and decorative items, to business services and product design. Combining their skills with both the computer and by hand enables them to create works of art that offers the customer a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that is made to their specification.

Between the two of them, Bridgeforth Design Studio has experience in all phases of art, from sketch, painting, and design to a fully 3D rendered finished product, and has created art for clients such as Disney, Mattel,  Barbie, Marvel, and others, and has product in retail stores such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and Kmart.

Relocating from Virginia Beach in early 2011, Brian and Marie decided to make Bristol their new home, and opened Bridgeforth Design Studio on 6th street in Bristol TN.


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